• Chimneys

  • Our chimney services include:

    • Chimney Inspection
    • Chimney Repair
    • Chimney Replacement
  • Chimney leaks are a serious problem and need to be treated as such. When chimneys begin leaking, they can cause all kinds of unwanted damage inside of a home.

    This is a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally. And this is why our roofing company is the perfect company to call when you are experiencing chimney leaks of any kind.

     Types of Chimney Leaks

    More often than not, there are five typical types of chimney leaks that often need repairs. The types of leaks include:

    •    Rain leaking in from the top of the chimney – this might seem obvious to many, but at certain times a storm gets so bad that rain will leak directly into the top of the chimney. This is a problem that needs to be corrected with a chimney cover. This is something that we would be happy to install to help prevent further damage

    .•    Cracks in the chimney crown – occasionally cracks will develop within the chimney crown and repairs are needed. Many of the small cracks are easily fixable, but the deeper, more severe cracks could require an entire chimney replacement.

    •    Inside chimney leaks due to condensation – this may seem like a difficult problem, but a simple chimney liner will fix any potential condensation issues that you might be experiencing. Feel free to call our company immediately if we can help with chimney leak repairs.

    •    Chimney flashing causing leaks – every so often a chimney will leak due to the flashing. Oddly enough, the flashing is there to prevent water from leaking inside the chimney. But when it is damaged it will, unfortunately, create leaks. This is a simple repair that we can easily fix when you call us.

    •    Leaking bricks – when the chimney bricks are leaking, they will need to be repaired. We can also perform this fix on your behalf. Call our  Boston MetroWest roofing company the next time you need help with a leaky chimney.